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Ivindo National Park is a national park in east-central Gabon in Central Africa, straddling the border of the Ogooué-Ivindo and Ogooué-Lolo provinces. Its creation was announced in August 2002 by then-President Omar Bongo at the Earth Summit in Johannesburg, along with Gabon’s 12 other terrestrial

Akanda National Park is one of 13 National Parks in Gabon set up in 2002 by President Omar Bongo after a two-year study by the DFCWCS and WWF. The 13 national parks are designed to represent the biodiversity of the country and encourage tourism. Akanda National Park is located in the northeast of

Lopé National Park is a national park in central Gabon. Bordered by the Ogooué River to the north and the Chaillu Massif to the south, the park takes up roughly 4912 square kilometers.[1] Although the terrain is mostly monsoon forest, in the north the park contains the last remnants of grass savanna

Moukalaba-Doudou National Park is a national park in Gabon. It covers an area of 4,500 km2 (1,700 sq mi).[2] The national park includes various habitat types, including humid rain forest and savannah grasslands.[3]

The WWF started a development programme in the park in 1996.

Loango National Park is a national park in western Gabon. It protects diverse coastal habitats, including part of the 220 km² Iguéla Lagoon, the only significant example of a typical western African lagoon system that is protected within a national park.

Situated between the Nkomi and Ndogo